I know this post is a little late but I wanted to share with you my favourites throughout 2013. I know by now you may be fed up of seeing these posts/videos but I hope what I've chosen may have the odd item you may not have seen before or never thought to buy. Picking favourites takes a while as you dont want to choose something just for the sake of it, you have to really think back, has this product been good to me all year? If yes and you will 100% be repurchasing it as you cant without it in your routine, then you know it has to be in your favourites.
So I've split my choices into categories, base, cheeks, eyes, lips, brows, skincare, haircare, fragrance and accessories. This is just so I can go into a little bit of detail as to why I choose those particular items.

I'll start with my make up choices...

My 2013 favourites for base make up

For my base make up I have chosen these 6 items as with a good base, I think it really sets of your make up. You dont want to be cakey or blotchy so finding the perfect base is important. 

If I go in order of use I will start with my GOSH classic primer, I have so much love for this primer as its so lightweight and suits my skin perfectly! I have combination skin, its basically a mixture of everything so I do have to be careful what products I use on my skin so not to aggravate it. Ive never seen this primer mentioned in any videos or posts but I really do recommend it for people with combination skin, its not greasy and sits on the skin lovely, I find it has a nice velvety texture and has a nice consistency, not to thick and not to thin.

Next is my witch concealer stick in natural, I use this on any problem areas before I apply my foundation as I find its the perfect colour and gives fab coverage. This is a product I buy over and over again and will always have a place in my daily make up, I always have a back up just in case as I don't know what I would do without it.

Now on to my foundation, I have tried so many foundations, hoping and praying each time I purchase one that it wont aggravate my skin, wont slide of my oily areas and go blotchy on my dry areas. Now this No7 Beautifully Matte foundation may just be my answer, so far I have really enjoyed using this foundation, it suits each area of my face regardless of it being dry or oily and gives the most fantastic coverage which I love as I'm a high coverage kinda gal! I highly recommend if you want high coverage and dont want a shine, I know for some people powder can cover that but when your skins oily having a foundation which helps banish shine is a savior!

Surprise surprise the collection concealer is in my favourites, although I do have a con which a lot of people said didn't happen to them, it sits in the creases under my eyes.. arghh!! I can get rid of it 99% with powder and blotting but I was expecting it not to do that, but regardless I will be purchasing again as I love it for everything else it does. It brightens up my eye area perfect and sits really nice on my skin and doesnt look cakey so I can ignore my con with this one.

Finally for my base are the real techniques stippling and expert face brushes. As good as products are I think what really makes them are the tools you use to apply them! I only got the expert face brush for christmas but it had to be included in my favourites as its amazing!

My favourite blushes of 2013

For my blushes I chose the MUA mosaic blush and the NYX blush in angel. When on their both quite natural and not to bright which I like as they are good for everyday wear.

The mosaic blush also has a sort of highlighting effect I find as well as leaving a subtle pink glow on your cheeks, this will be a lovely blush in the summer.

The NYX blush is a nice subtle pinky peach and again just leaves a nice amount of colour on the apple of my cheeks, perfect for everyday wear and for the summer.

My favourite eye products of 2013 
My favourite mascara has to be the bourjois volumizer mascara. I'm really funny about brushes in mascaras, they have to be the old style wire brushes, I really don't like the rubbery ones which seem to be appearing more and more, in my opinion don't fix what ain't broke! Many people may love them but I just don't. This mascara has the perfect brush and has the most amazing formula, it builds so well without looking clumpy and without using an eyelash curler makes my lashes appear so long, mine aren't short to start with but with this mascara I have been asked if I'm wearing falsies as it just works so so well!

This is my all all all time favourite eyeliner, this is just my most important thing in my make up bag! My Rimmel exaggerate liquid eyeliner. I have used this for years and it will always be in my favourites each and every year. The applicator is exactly what I like and basically allows me to draw on my eyeliner perfectly. 

This year I've really begin to like the Rimmel scandaleyes kohl kajal eyeliners. They glide on so easy and have really nice pigment. I have the bronze, silver, nude and black.

My favourite brow products of 2013 

If you follow me on instagram you will know that I love to do my eyebrows, mine are quite thin so I prefer to have them filled in as I think eyebrows frame your face

My favourite product of 2013 to fill in my eyebrows was the benefit browzings wax and powder in the shade medium. Although tiny the brushes are amazing but I cant say the same about the tweezers though I find they cant really grab onto the hairs. The powders stays all day with or without setting gel and the product itself last so long Ive had this easily a year now and its still going and I use it everyday, it may be a tad expensive but its worth it!

To highlight my brow bone I love the benefit high brow glow, its also really good as well for neatening up my powder to give a sharper line. I really want to try the other colour of this.

My favourite lipsticks of 2013 

These have probably been my most used lipsticks in 2013, the shades are cockney by mac and shade 2 by mua. In 2013 I really got into wearing lipsticks which I've never really done before, so I basically spent 2013 collecting different lipsticks and experimenting with colours. Ive really enjoyed wearing reds, purples and oranges, I really should have included macs saigon summer but I forgot about that one.. oops!

My favourite skincare of 2013 

My favourite moisturiser has to be the super facialist by una brennan tea flower deep clean mattifying moisuriser. This moisturiser contains salicylic acid which I love as when I apply this before I go to bed each morning my skin appears better and better, for some unknown reason I wasn't using this at night until recently, now I wont go to bed until ive put it on, it just does wonders for me.

Ive used the Neutrogena 2 in 1 wash/mask for quite a few years now and I just think it works really well with me, it removes all my make up and leaves my skin feeling clean. The mask feels really refreshing and again leaves my skin feeling really clean.

My favourite haircare of 2013 

This year I've really loved the Aussie sprays, I've been on a mission this year to do whatever I can to keep my hair in good condition as I so desperately want it to grow. I use the miracle hair insurance leave in conditioner spray and the take the heat leave in spray, both sprays leave the hair soft and don't leave a crunchy feel. 

The Elvive extraordinary oil has done wonders for the ends of my hair, early in 2013 I had a full head of bleach blonde hair so Ive needed alot of conditioners and oils to make sure it doesnt dry out whilst growing out the blonde which is currently my dip dye.

Ahh my tangle teaser, I absolutely love this brush, I cant give it enough credit, it doesn't drag on my hair which results in less split ends which equals a very happy me! 

My favourite fragrances of 2013 
When I have a favourite fragrance I'm one of those people that feels the need to save them for best as I hate just wasting them on just an average day, I'm even worse if their limited edition.

My two favourites have to be the Victorias secret fragrance mist in love spell and Marc Jacobs Daisy limited edition sunshine. I use my daisy very sparingly. I got both versions of this just so it will last me.

My favourite bag of 2013

 Lindon got me this for valentines day and to this day I am still so in love with it, its so durable as I have used this to death and its still in amazing condition. Its the red saffiano leather jet set tote bag and its just the start of my designer bag collection, since this I have seen so many more that I am now currently lusting after.

My favourite accessories of 2013 

For some reason I forgot to include these in my opening picture if your wondering where they have appeared from. These are just a few of my favourite accessories of 2013, my michael kors watch and purse and my vivienne westwood earrings. Both the watch and earrings were gifts from lindon, one for my birthday and one for our anniversary and the purse was a treat to myself when me and lindon went to london for the weekend for my birthday.

I hope you like my favourites from 2013, I know this is a super long post so if your reading this now.. well done!

Lots of Loves


  1. I'm going to give the foundation a try. I have the same problems with my skin as you and I'm
    Struggling to find a good
    Foundation. X

    1. I hope it works as well for you as it has for me lovely :) xx

  2. I'm actually just about to finish my blogpost on my 2013 favorites so I'm later than you! I love reading these kinds of posts as I find them so helpful and inspiring and yours was both. I really want to try the Gosh primer and the scandaleyes, both sound like great products. Oh and I love your MK bag, very gorgeous :)

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, will look forward to reading your favourites post :) the primer is fab can't rave about it enough :) and thank you :) xx


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