In the past I've never really gotten along with false lashes, I would struggle to apply them and end up ruining my eye liner in the process, but I've decided to give them another go as I've been thinking sometimes my make up just doesn't feel complete, especially when looking at photographs of it afterwards, so I've come to the conclusion that falsies are what I need in my life. I do already own some falsies but not a big range of them, so I'm excited to try my next ones out and also get reacquainted with my old ones.

I purchased both my Red cherry and Ardell lashes from false | Link here
I purchased my P.s. Love lashes from Primark

The site has free first class delivery and I used the code 10AW & received 10% off my purchase.

Below are the lashes I've chosen to begin with...

Ardell Double Up Lashes 205 - £5.49

Ardell Accent Lashes 301 Black - £3.99

Ardell Invisiband Lashes Black - Demi Wispies - £3.99

Red Cherry Lashes Style #82 - £3.99

Red Cherry Lashes Style #43 - £3.99

Red Cherry Lashes Style #747L - £3.99

Red Cherry Lashes Style #47 - £3.99

P.s. Love Sultry Lashes from Primark - £1

P.s. Love Volume Full Look Lashes from Primark - £1

P.s. Love Natural Look Lashes from Primark - £1

Im hoping this time I get along a lot easier with the lashes, practice makes perfect I suppose.

What lash brands do you use? Which ones are your favourites?

Lots of Loves


  1. Loving your blog just as much as your instagram!! <3


    1. thank you lovely, gonna check you blog out now :) xx


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