As many of us did yesterday, I celebrated Valentines Day with my FiancĂ© exchanging gifts, enjoying a delicious 3 course meal and ending the night with a film snuggled up in bed. Now I know we shouldn't need a reason to show our appreciation to our loved ones but its another day that us couples get to look forward to, if you celebrate Valentines Day that is. 

I would personally say I'm a very lucky girl as Lindon makes me feel special as he does that all year round, so that only means when Valentines Day arrives he goes that little extra mile to make it stand out.

So this is where it all starts, the dressing table! I think i must have spent about 4 hours getting ready yesterday from start to finish, seems a bit silly really when you think that you spend more time getting ready that you did out for your meal, but I enjoy the getting ready process, deciding how to do my hair, what make up to use and what I'm going to wear, its all very exciting for me.

Before applying my bright lip, I decided to go for a bright purple instead of the typical red/pink

Prepping my lips with the Raw Skincare hint of mint 100% natural lip balm*, I love how fresh it makes my lips feel | Link here

My complete make up look with my bright lip

What I used to achieve my bright lip | NYX slim lip pencil in purple rain in the outer corners of my lips, Mac lipstick in up the amp all over and NYX butter gloss in merengue on top

I'll be doing 2 full reviews on 2 of these products, 1 on the NYX butter glosses which I have 6 shades of and 1 on the NYX slim lip pencils which I have 11 shades of, so if your interested in seeing colour swatches and my opinions on the products, they will be up soon.

My chosen fragrance for the night, Love Spell by Victorias Secret, a beautiful scent of cherry blossom and peach.

What i wore...

Necklace & Jumper - Primark
Skirt -  Topshop

Pandora bracelet

Tresor Paris earrings

Now onto my presents...

A beautiful bouquet of roses and the most perfect pastel green coat I've ever laid my eyes on, I'm so lucky and so pleased with my gifts.

For our evening meal we choose Pasta Di Piazza, a lot of places have set menus with usually a very small amount of choice and certainly nothing you would pick if you had the choice from the larger menu. Here we had the option of either the normal menu or the Valentines menu, so we most certainly chose the normal (I already knew what I wanted).

For my starter I chose the Brocolletti, cream and melted cheese all over one of my favourite veggies, broccoli. 

For my main I chose the Tagliatelle Carbonara, we did both have a pudding but I was being greedy and tucked in immediately forgetting to snap a photo, oopsie. I chose the profiteroles covered in a chocolate mouse with strawberry sauce, they were beautiful.

Lindon as usual was late meaning we had no time to take any photos before we left :( 

I hope you've enjoyed my post, I had a lovely day and I hope all of you did to

Lots of Loves


  1. Such a gorgeous outfit and your make-up is stunning! Your Valentines Day looks like it was fab! :-) xxx

    1. Thank you lovely, it really was :) hope you had a lovely day xxx

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Wow what beautiful flowers!:) And I loved your outfit and make up!x


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