I'm a big lover of make up and willing to try anything, so when Primark released their P.s. Love range, for the price, I just had to give it a go. There are a few items I didn't pick up like the mascara and the liquid liner, this is because I'm quite picky with these two particular make up products, no other reason. 

I picked up all of this for just £23, now it may just be me but thats amazing for this much make up, but only as long as the products are good, so I gave them try to see if their worth the small price that they cost, I'll be honest I didn't expect a great deal from them but when you think that MUA is similar priced to the P.s. love range and I find their products really good quality for the money, so I thought I'll give it a go & this is what I thought.

 P.s. Love Eyeshadow Palettes - £2.50 Each
P.s. Love 8 Shade Day Eyeshadow Palette - £2.50
Top Row Right to Left
 Bottom Row Right to Left
P.s. Love 8 Shade Night Eyeshadow Palette
Top Row Right to Left
 Bottom Row Right to left

As lovely as the eyeshadows look swatch I have to say, that it took a good few rubs across the shadows to get this much colour pay off, not so much for the darker colours which is to be expected, but I really struggled with some of the light ones, especially in the day palette. When applying to my lids I really struggled to get some of the colours to even show up, I tried both the lighter and darker colours and they don't come up like the swatches, I haven't tried the black shades on my lids but they were very easy to swatch so I imagine i'll have a bit more luck with them. For the price I can't really complain about the palettes but their isn't a lot of colour pay off sadly.

 P.s. Love Collection of Lashes, Sultry, Volume & Natural - £1 Each
 P.s. Love Sultry Lashes - £1
 P.s. Love Volume Lashes - £1
 P.s. Love Natural Lashes - £1 

I haven't tried any of the lashes yet, but I really like the look of each of them, I think they've made each pair perfectly as their all so different. I can't wait to try them & I may do a post just for the lashes wearing each pair to give you an idea of what they look like on.

P.s. Love Kohl Eye Liner - £1.50
P.s. Love Black Eye Liner - £1 for 2 eye liners and a sharpener (Bargain!)
 Left - Kohl Eye Liner | Right - Pencil Eye Liner

Both of the swatches above are just one stroke, their both very pigmented and very creamy meaning an easy application. I especially like the pencil eye liner, for just £1 I can't believe you get 2 pencils and a sharpener, they have very good colour pay off and just glide on effortlessly. 

 P.s. Love Brow Pencils - £1 Each
Left - Medium Brown | Right - Dark Brown
 Left - Medium Brown | Right - Dark Brown

Again these brow pencils like the eye liners are super pigmented and super creamy, which again means easy application, both the swatches are just one swipe of the pencil. Each end of the pencil has a spoolie on the end to help achieve a natural looking brow, or to just brush through your brows prior to applying the pencil.

 P.s. Love Lip Stains - £1.50 Each
 This comes up as a light pink shade
 This comes up as a coral/darker pink shade
This comes up as a light cherry red shade
Lip Stain Swatches 
Left shade - Bottom picture | Middle shade - Top picture | Right shade - Middle picture 
(Sorry to confuse you slightly there)

The lip stains glide on really easy and add a hint of colour to the lips, the swatches above are three strokes of each shade side by side, my only complaint and its nothing to do with the product itself, the lip glosses also having this problem is that they have no names or numbers, so its hard to tell people about them as you have to refer to them as the pink one etc. 

P.s. Love Lip Gloss - £1.50 Each
 The applicator of the lip gloss, you squeeze the product into the brush and then apply
 this come up as a dark pink shade with a slight hint of red
 This comes up as a glittery light pink shade
 this comes up as a true orange shade
 This comes up as a cherry red shade
 Lip Gloss Swatches
1st Shade - 2nd picture | 2nd Shade - 3rd Picture | 3rd Shade - 4th Picture | 4th Shade - 1st Picture
(Sorry to confuse you again)

I'm really pleased with the glosses for the price, they have good colour pay off as you can see in the swatches. I did two strokes of each shade side by side and I'm really pleased with the colours. The glosses are only the slightest bit sticky and I mean slightly.

Overall for the price the P.s. Love range is very good for the price you pay, the only product I'm not the biggest fan off is the eyeshadow palettes, but everything else is spot on.

You can find P.s. Love in your local Primark.

Do you own anything from the P.s. Love range? What do you think?

Lots of Loves


  1. I actually wanted to pick up the eyeshadow palette but it seems a little disappointing its a shame but everything else in the range looks like really good quality for the price x

    1. It was a little disappointing but the rest of the range made up for it, I've seen something called lock and seal, i think thats what it called anyway, on the elf website, it supposed to enhance the colour of eyeshadows, so I'm thinking of trying that with it :) xxx

  2. I've nominated you for the Liebster Award :)
    Check out my page for the questions,

    Lots of Love,

    Hollie xx

  3. I really want to try out lots of things from this range as i've seen so many videos on the different products and have heard great things. and when the prices barely skim £2.50, you can't really complain!

    hannah @


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