Today Im going to go through step by step how to do this really easy DIY ripped knee look on regular jeans. My aim is to hopefully make these new jeans look old and worn, so more of a vintage look, rather than just a plain pair of skinnies. Ripped jeans seems to disappear and creep back all the time & this time I wanted to give them a go myself. Now if you don't want the hassle you can always purchase them already done from high street stores, Topshop have a pair for £42 | Link here & River Island also have a pair for £40 | Link here. It all depends how much you want to spend, I picked up all 3 pairs from Primark for £21, half the price of one pair thats already done for you. Now id rather spend £21 and have fun creating the look myself.

Ive used Primark for my DIY projects in the past, you don't really want to be spending a fortune incase anything goes wrong. The Primark skinnies are fitted at the top and slightly loose at the bottom which is exactly what I wanted, I also wanted them to be long enough to roll up at the bottom without becoming to short.

So I start off with the three plain pairs of jeans, one in black, one in dark blue and one in light blue, I thought I may as well have one of each colour.

Here's one Ive already prepared so you know what to expect and if this is the right tutorial for you

Now onto the tutorial

What you will need: scissors, cheese grater & a pencil or pen

Put your jeans on and mark up when you want your rip to be, I bend my knee and mark the centre of the bend. Choose something that will show up on your fabric, a pen was fine on my lighter jeans, but for the darker jeans I used a white eyeliner pencil.

Both jeans are now marked on the knees for cutting

I entend my line on the knee once I've removed my jeans, then cut straight along the line

Both cuts have now been made with about 2cm either side before the seam. 

Now to fray the edges, take the cheese grater and drag it along the area you've just cut, I found it worked best with quite a firm hand. You do this until you get the amount of fray you require.

This is what the rip will look like if you just want to fray the rip slightly. It all depends on how ripped you want you jeans to be.

This is what both knees will look like once finished.

The complete end result.

I hope you like my tutorial, if you would like to see more DIYs leave me a comment below with suggestions. 

Did you find my tutorial helpful?

Lots of Loves


  1. Love this! I might have to give it a go.

    Alice |

    1. I've bought another pair to rip now, its so much easier than i thought it would be :) give it a go xx


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