Im a little bit upset with this post, I absolutely adore this outfit, so to upload my pictures onto the computer and find out the pictures were over exposed, I was a little miffed! But you still get the idea of the outfit.

Now onto the actual outfit/accessories, at the moment I am completely loving the La Moda website, the bags, the shoes, the accessories, they have so many items to be lusting over at the moment, I have my eye on so many things, I could just go crazy, so if your an accessory lover like me I seriously suggest you check them out! 

Being a lovely summery blue I just couldn't resist the bag, it has to be one of my favourites from their site, I can see it being one of my go to bags over the next few months. 

This year I decided I was going to step out of my comfort zone & start a sunnies collection, Ive never really owned many pairs of sunglasses before as I was always convinced I had a small face and I looked like Dierdre Barlow in her younger years with those huge specs, I now know this isn't true, but I do still try to choose the smaller framed glasses. I love the pattern on these glasses and the overall style with them, La Moda have such a fab range of sunglasses, I can't wait to own more.

I was searching everywhere for a nice white blazer, one that for my small frame without looking big on the shoulders, this meant hunting through shops & websites, finally after google searching I came across this one from Sheinside & it couldn't be more perfect for me! I love the fit, material & design of this blazer, so if your petite framed like me I really recommend this blazer.

As the summer is approaching I like to mix my colours with whites for that summery feel, plus it makes the colours pop!!

Lots of Loves

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