You know when you have one of them blogging days where if you stand out in the open its to bright or you stand in the shade and its to dark, well today was one of those days. I just couldn't stand anywhere with good lighting *sob*

Anyways, id been searching for a lovely 3/4 sleeve jumper in pink for so long & I finally came across this one from fd avenue, it ticked all the boxes and was exactly what id been looking for, I'm a sucker for these fluffy jumpers. 

I had these shoes in my wish list for about a week when I had an email through from Topshop, 20% off for 3 days, well I just couldn't find a reason not to buy them, I just need to wear them in now and they will be the perfect pastel pink summer boot!

I think the pale pink goes lovely with the gingham, it really makes the colours stand out, I really like the extra little bit of detail in the skirt, I've acquired quite a big skirt and shorts collection this year, I just need the sun to come out now. 

Lots of Loves

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