I picked this outfit up when I went to Manchester city centre on Saturday, I did try to purchase it online due to the fantastic discounts you can get, but no luck in size or finding the actual item, so I paid full price and it was fully worth it!! I did previously see this top and for some unknown reason I didn't pick it up, I know this is usuaully the case for all of us and we go back and its not there, but luckily for me it was, on my first hunt around the shop I couldn't find either of these items but I was dedicated so I went for a second go, there was one pair of trousers poking out a rail and luckily enough, my size & as I was checking them over in the corner of my eye I spotted the top, it must have been my lucky day. I love these together but ill be experimenting with them separately.

Right onto the bargain of the day, I've been looking at all these pool sliders online & I've seen them as cheap as £12 from Linzi shoes here and as expensive as £64.95 from Birkenstock here & thaw before you've starting looking at the designer prices. It all depends really on how much you want to pay for something that is quite clearly only suitable to be worn in the summer. I picked up this pair and also a black pair from Primark for £5 each. Their comfy, fit nice and snug and in my opinion no different than any other shop except a fraction of the price, I was looking originally at the Topshop version which cost £26 here but I was holding out hoping that Primark would do their own version, and thankfully they have. So if your after pool sliders but don't want to spend a fortune Primark is where you need to be looking.

Lots of Loves

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