Firstly I must apologise for being m.i.a this past week, it rained all last weekend, and the weekend is my only chance to snap my outfits, but I'm back and with a full weeks worth ready for you!

When I saw the top to this co-ord I immediately picked it up and carried it round with me as I continued to look around New Look as you do and after some thought I put it back, it wasn't until I went to return something and I saw both items together that I snatched them off the rail and got an exchange instead, I absolutely love the pattern, its so summery and as I always say with a co-ord, you can split it, so the outfits are endless!

Ive paired my co-ord with one of my current favourite shoes of the moment, my La Moda pink platforms, I cannot get enough of these shoes, I mean come on, their pink and give me super height, what else do you need! They are super comfy which I know most people given the height wouldn't expect and very easy to walk in.

I was kindly gifted this beautiful necklace, which I've been dying to feature in one of my posts, its costs just £9.50 and I've added the direct link up top for you guys. Its such a pretty necklace for summer so I'm sure ill never have it off!

Lots of Loves

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