Everything in my bag is basically what I use on a daily basis, depending on where I'm going theres usually food and a bottle of water with me as I'm almost always hungry, but we won't go into that one!

Number 1: Lip products - my favourite lip balm by Raw Skincare to keep my lips looking perfect & my 2 favourite nude lipsticks, creme cup by Mac & Kate Moss shade 03 by Rimmel.

Number 2: Compact mirror - to apply lipstick and to check hair and make up have remained intact.

Number 3: Plasters - because those pretty shoes that you just had to have aren't necessarily comfy *sigh*

Number 4: Tangle Teezer - to brush my wind swept locks

Number 5: Deodorant & Perfume - to keep myself feeling fresh and smelling wonderful throughout the day. I just love the Victorias secret fragrance mists and was so chuffed to find minis, perfect for my handbag.

Number 6: Carex aloe vera hand gel - because I'm a bit of a germ freak!

Number 7: Chewing gum - fresh breath

Number 8: Pen - just incase I need one really

Number 9: My iPhone - it never leaves my side, I don't actually know what id do without it

& finally 

Number 10: My Mulberry purse - what is carried in this purse gives me the ability to go shopping, need I say more.

Now me being me, you may notice my phone is now missing from this picture, this is because I can't put it down for 2 minutes, so due to me flicking through instagram, twitter etc I forgot to include it... whoopsie!

what essentials do you carry in your bag? 
what would you hate to leave at home accidentally?

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Lots of Loves

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