When it comes to picking prom dresses, everybody has different ideas of what they would like their dress to be like, at school we constantly see each other in our uniforms so prom gives us the chance to express ourselves in what we see as our perfect prom dress. 
I wish so much that I could find a picture of my prom dress, I went for a floor length peach lace embellished strapless dress with a lace up back, I was completely in love with it & still have it stored in my attic to this day, I just can't part with it.
So I decided that I would choose a traditional prom dress, a black dress & a bright dress, each to suit different personalities, we don't all have the same taste & for prom I think thats brilliant, what fun would it be to walk into the dance hall and see everyone in similar dress. I loved seeing all the different dresses & different colours at mine.


The Black Option


Not everybody likes big puffy dresses or floor length gowns or even lots of colour, If a little black dress is more your comfort zone, a dress like this from Wal G would be perfect, it has a nice loose fitting bottom, which I always think if prom dresses are short they should be a little floaty & the top has a nice v neck with a grid pattern adding a little detail to the dress. I added a statement piece to the necklace but If you prefer you could add a more dainty piece. Wal G have a huge selection of gorgeous dresses, don't think you have to wear the typical prom dress if its not for you.

The Traditional Option


Chi Chi has a large selection of beautiful dresses perfect for prom, this particular dress is from the prom section of the website. Im a traditional girl myself so this dress would perfect for me for prom & the prices are so affordable, I remember my dress costing 5 times the amount of this dress & you only wear it once. 
I love the detail on this dress, so girly and pretty, Chi Chi is definitely the place to look for affordable, beautiful dresses not only for prom but for other special occasions to.


The Colourful Bright Option


Finally we have the bold skater dress, if you love a bit of colour but again don't like the traditional style dress, this City Rack dress would be the perfect prom dress for you. It features a gorgeous statement necklace attachment & being a skater dress has a lovely floaty bottom & is also a very flattering fit, perfect for prom. Take a look at City Rack for your colourful alternatives & find you perfect prom dress.

What outfit would you pick for Prom?
Id also love to hear what you wore for yours

Lots of Loves

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