Im wearing the 20-22" extensions here

As you know, I do have ombre hair which is why the colour is slightly lighter in the middle, the extensions are a perfect match to my natural hair so eventually the ombre will be coloured to match my natural hair.

The extensions come presented nicely in this box

As you can see you get lots of thickness with these extensions, I've paid the same amount on extensions before and not even got half the amount of hair that you get with the full head of HK hair extensions.

The extensions are numbered so you know which order your supposed to attach them, Dirty looks have a steps by steps guide on their website to help you along.


The clips are nice and secure & also don't slide when attached to the hair.

Im definitely no stranger to extensions, I've owned a fair few different brands over the years, sometimes I've been impressed, sometimes I haven't. You can immediately tell the quality as soon as you open the packaging, your looking for nice thick wefts and can be very disappointed when they appear thin. When I opened up my Dirty Looks extensions I have to say I was absolutely over the moon, they were lovely and thick, felt super soft and matched my hair perfectly. Ive never had a quad weft included in a pack of extensions before and I think the piece really helps when adding volume, this set really is the perfect set of extensions. 

When you open up your extensions they have a little section in the packaging with 1 weft, thats there for making sure the colour matches correctly to your hair, if it does then go ahead and open up your extensions, if not you need to make sure you don't open the other side with the full set as you won't be able to return them. A lot of extensions don't have this so I think this is a very good idea as you can't aways gauge your colour from a picture and mistakes are made.

Depending on the thickness of your natural hair you may not need to use the whole set, I left out four of the pieces as it seemed enough for me when using them in the daytime, id possibly apply them all for a night out to achieve a nice big mane. If you have quite thin hair id suggest back combing before you clip in the extensions, one it helps to add a little volume but it also prevents the clip from sliding down your hair.

A lot of people asked me how I achieved my curls, I used the Enrapture totem styler, I managed to pick mine up from home bargains a few months back for just £17, it retails around £60 in stores but you can pick yourself a brand new one up from ebay from around £20-£30

The Dirty Looks HK full head extensions are definitely the best extensions I've ever owned and I highly recommend to anyone looking for a good, thick pair thats good value for your money, I think 10 wefts for £69.99 is fab especially as it includes the quad weft. I love how thick my hair feels wearing them, I will definitely be repurchasing when I need a fresh set.

Do you own any of the HK extension range? What do you think of them?

Lots of Love


  1. You look stunning, Danielle! You sure know how to make those hair extensions enhance your style. That’s no surprise, given that you accumulated a fair share of hair extensions over the years. I look forward to seeing more of your amazing reviews in the future. Cheers!

    Renee May @ Virgin Hair Fixx

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