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Im not sure if anyone else has this problem, well I'm sure theres a large amount of you that do, you view a clothing item online and forget that the person modelling it is probably around 5ft8 to 6ft and I'm only a small 5ft3, therefore most things end up dragging along behind me, luckily this coat doesn't, to be honest this time I love the length, it makes the coat a real statement piece. 

I wanted to keep my outfit simple and let the coat do the talking, but I still wanted there to be something to it, so I added my Pretty Little Thing roll neck midi underneath & belted over the top and I kept all my accessories black and silver.

Danielle Kimberley

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  1. I always think a long coat looks nice on everyone if styled the right way, petite or not. We're not all models it's just a matter of being confident in what you wear and you look so amazing in this, the belt was such a nice idea, it's an easy trick I always forget about and when I see pics like yours, I'm like "oh yeah, I need to THINK about doing it next time !". I love it with that turtle neck midi dress, not something I would think it could work that well but it does, it's beyond perfect so are your blog and style <333
    (Ooops this outfit is so cool I just wrote an essay ahahahah)


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