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So the weekend didn't go as I thought it would but every experience is a lesson learnt, LFW needs a lot of planning, events and shows are something you really need to think about before you go, my approach this year was that I'll go so I know what I'm doing a little more next year, but I've realised that my experience couldn't have been any further from what a lot of other bloggers had this year.

My weekend started off really good, I arrived, went along to the Trace showrooms, got my hair done (which you can see on my instagram) and was given this beautiful black faux suede jacket to wear, but after that it all went downhill. We stepped outside and the heavens had opened, we got soaked, bye beautiful hair! We got to our apartment to be told we wouldn't be let in until 7 that night, thats day one wasted and an outfit gone to waste... There is so much more I could share with you about the weekend but id be here all day.

Here are the expectations and realities of LFW

What you usually see is bloggers staying in a beautiful hotel room writing up posts once their day is over and giving us a little room tour, my experience was a filthy apartment shared with 6 other girls, I slept on an airbed and had to go and buy a cushion and blanket otherwise I would have had nothing & I wouldn't have dared take my laptop to where I was, so no posts from me. The upside, I got to catch up with 6 of my wonderful friends who I rarely get to see.

Bloggers will be vlogging, snapchatting, tweeting and instagramming lots of beautiful events and dinners they are attending, leaving us all feel very envious and wishing we could be there too, my experience was wandering around oxford street looking for a comfy pair of shoes because my feet hurt with no events to attend.

This one is actually a real biggie as London is huge! 
Again I saw snapchats of Bloggers being picked up from there beautiful hotels in lavish cars to take them to their next show/event, because lets face it, in the shoes we kill ourselves wearing to make our outfit, we need to be sitting down as much as possible so being chauffeured sounds amazing, but my reality was searching for a bus stop that takes me to oxford street (which isn't an easy task) in shoes that are only comfy for an hour when im supposed to be wearing them all day.

The three examples above are just the main ones that spring to mind, now I dont want you to think that I'm writing anything other than an experience post as I would jump the opportunity to have the LFW we see on social media, I'm just putting my weekend down to poor organisational skills on my part, it just turned into a really expensive weekend with no purpose, I was extremely glad to go home.

I think my point is dont always believe that everything we do is fabulous or get upset about what other people are doing as we use social media to share the good things we are doing, you never really see the bad experiences.

Danielle Kimberley

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad one hun! I wouldn't go to LFW again unless I was going to see a few of the shows - although there is nothing comfier than watching them in bed online wearing your PJs! xx


  2. Great post ! I love to hear stories about FWs and not just the good ones. I'd love to go one day and if I do, I'll keep your post in mind. I'd like to hear what you would recommend as plans, because I always thought that the blogger who were invited had all those things granted (hotels, fancy food, cars... This is just part of the imagery), but I can see it's not really the case, social media is only for good things as you said. Hope you'll have a better experience next year !



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