I can't resist a good nude shade lippy...

It wasn't that long ago when I didn't own a single lipstick, well I say not long ago, Im probably talking about three years ago, but considering I'm 24 thats 21 years where I haven't used to my advantage the difference a good lippy can make to your daily makeup. I was always under the impression that lipstick would make my already plump lips look even larger, but now big lips are very much a thing I love to experiment with lip liners, highlighting and contouring for a plumper look and finishing off with my favourite nude.

Very rarely do I wear anything but nudes, unless I find my outfit best suits a nice plum or red in the A/W seasons, nude shades pretty much go with everything and look very natural for day to day wear. Mac is by far my favourite higher end brand for lipstick, I do have a high street brand favourite which i'll write about in the near future, but for now these are the ones I grab for the most. 

L-R, brown nudes to pink nudes

Velvet Teddy
When I purchased velvet teddy I was actually in Paris, I couldn't get it anywhere that Id tried in the UK due to the Kylie Jenner hype that surrounded it, I actually find that whirl and velvet teddy compliment me the best out of all of my shades. Together they create a beautiful nude.

Honey love is a very natural nude shade, it has a nice matte finish, I like to wear a darker shade underneath and just place the honey love in the middle for a brown to nude ombre.

Half'n'half is a lovely light nude shade, perfect for day wear, almost like a peachy nude.

Blankety is the perfect pinky nude, its super creamy, when I saw it on the Mac lipstick stand I instantly fell in love and had to have it.

Myth is another one that I like to ombre as its a very light shade so its perfect to brighten up the centre of the lips.

Creme Cup
Creme cup was one of my first Mac lipstick purchases, its a nude pink which is perfect for day wear and again lovely for an ombre lip, soar lip liner is a lovely shade to wear under for an ombre.

Brave is a dark nude pink that I like to wear over my soar lip liner, this is a bolder colour perfect as an autumn shade if you like to stick to nudes.

Twig is a beautiful colour, the perfect evening shade, when on its a very pink toned shade of brown, when I attended the AX Paris blogger shoot that was the lip I choose with boldly bare lip liner underneath, of course when I got home I ordered them both.

Danielle Kimberley


  1. Oh my gosh your photography is stunning!!

    The Beauty Locker

  2. You lucky thang - as a fellow nude lipstick lover I am drooling over these! xx

  3. These photos are gorgeous and between my sister and I we pretty much own most of these! I love Honey Love as a 'lazy day' lipstick when I can't be bothered with lip liner. Spirit is a great shade you could possibly buy next!

    Lyndsey |


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