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My new favourite boots...

As soon as I saw these little beauties I knew I had to have them, boots that are really wide around my ankles have always been something thats really annoyed me as they don't always look nice with a crop trouser or skirt, but I find these perfect as there fitted and are much more flattering to wear.

When I saw the tortoiseshell heeled boots floating around the world of insta I fell in love, but unfortunately the Topshop I worked in didn't stock them (they currently do now - Hanley) & online had sold out! As luck would have it we had a return and they had been sized wrong, they were actually a 5, my size!! hallelujah!!

I bought the brown pair basically because I loved the black so much, I wanted two different styles and different colours as I really need to stop buying every colour of the same shoe, I just need to wear them in now so I can wear them for work.

What do you think of sock boots?

Danielle Kimberley

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  1. Love them both! Let me know if you are going to any Manchester events soon hun :) xxx

  2. Love the heel on the black pair. Gorgeous.

    Rachel |

  3. I've been lusting after the Magnificent sock boots in brown for so long now. Can't wait for payday so I can buy them! Great choice of winter boots. Molly x

  4. I absolutely love these! Those black ones I can see fitting nicely in my wardrobe!

    Lyndsey |

  5. Obsessed with these shoes! They go with almost everything <3 x


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