The perfect accessory...

Cluse watches

When it comes to clothes at the moment my colour palette doesn't really stretch very far, I'm all about black, white & grey, with pops of camel and burgundy and a rare appearance of navy, so I like my accessories to pretty much be the same.

I love that the black watch also has a black face, I really like it when a website covers everything and mixes and matches all the different faces and straps, that way your sure to find exactly what your after. 

A watch is one of the things I've become so reliant on, you'll never see me without one (I wouldn't tend to wear one on a night out.. as much as I still check my wrist for the time), as silly as it may sound, I hate not knowing what time it is, maybe its working in retail ha!

A watch really is my perfect accessory and definitely my most worn.

Danielle Kimberley


  1. Watches are definitely one of the best accessories to have and especially these classic ones. I love the style of them. I too can't stand not wearing a watch, the struggle of trying to get your phone out of your bag/pocket is real and extremely annoying at times xD

    Isobel x
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  2. I want to buy the silver one. I'm all about white, black, gray too... Love this watches <3


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