If theres one thing I love, it's trying out new make up, the little mystery that surrounds a product where you don't yet know its benefits, how it works for you & what beautiful looks can be created. 

Summer is quickly approaching & we've had a few nice weekends already which for the UK I'm actually shocked, especially since were only in May! Out goes all our much loved heavier make up looks and in comes all the fresh faced barely there make up, perfect for just popping on and spending the day in the sun..

So heres a little breakdown of what I thought of each product & I've also included all the wonderful benefits...

Mesmerising mineral palette in Copper Peach - £15 - Neutral palettes like this one are my absolute favourites, in fact as soon as I see the word copper in anything I know I instantly have to have it, the shades in this palette are beautiful, super silky & give off a nice amount of colour for a natural look, for my look I went for the gold shade in the palette and the taupe brown shade. The shadows are builable if you desire a heavier look, but for me this is a palette thats perfect for day time looks.
All the shadows contain vitamin E to help protect the delicate eye area. 

Endless silky eye pen in Cobalt Blue - £12 - To say this eye liner glides on is an understatement, its highly pigmented, so silky & once its on it doesn't budge which is fab, blend quickly! As I always wear black liquid liner I already have a very effective eye make up remover (which I've mentioned in another post) & with this eye liner being waterproof this is something I would suggest. I definitely want to get a few different colours, black is next on my list.
As the eye area is delicate the endless silky eye pen is filled with vitamin E to help to nourish and protect.

Lengthy fibre mascara - £16 - After the hype over other fibre mascaras, which for me I found to be no good, I was a little sceptical about trying another fibre mascara, I was pleasantly surprised I must admit (that'll teach me to not always judge from previous products). The difference I've found with this if you've had the same thoughts as me is that this mascara is fibre filled, you don't have to mess around with two separate tubes with fibres flaking everywhere. The mascara gave my lashes a little bit of extra length without looking clumpy & was so simple to use.
Filled with vitamin E, pathenol and chamomile to strengthen & protect the lashes so you know it won't do ant harm to your lashes.

Mattelustre lipstick in Peach blossom - £14 - Straight away I need to say the formula is amazing, anything moisturising and I'm sold! I've mentioned before I suffer with dry lips, a room with air conditioning or (naughty me) not enough water is deadly for my lips. The mattelustre lipstick is conditioning while it protects & plumps the lips & as you can see it gives off a subtle beautiful colour with a natural lip liner underneath, isn't it just the perfect natural summer shade.
To create the beautiful full pout it contains peptides, hyaluronic acid & vitamins C & E temporarily smoothing the lips.

Glowtion day dew - £24 - This little beauty is simply amazing, before applying my foundation it gives me natural looking healthy glow and is the perfect base, my skin feeling moisturised is so important as I end up with patchy foundation otherwise that won't last the day, so the Glowtion is a lifesaver.
It's lightweight and hydrating with lavender oil to calm the skin, kaolin to purify & mica to brighten. 

Quick fix bronzer - £18 - This beautiful light weight loose powder comes in the shade soft medium bronze with its own little built in applicator & to be even more convenient it also has a little mirror. When applying it has a lovely velvety feel to it and gives a natural sun kissed glow finish, you literally need a couple of sweeps (a little goes a long way), blend it out & your done.. perfect.
The bronzer contains mango juice extract and aloe vera, helping to hydrate and soothe the skin. Natural AND healthy on the skin. 

After seeing how beautifully these products apply & so effortless, its safe to say I'm in love, it leaves you with a fresh face summer feel. Every product has a luxurious feel to it, the way the mattelustre lipstick just glides on and the subtle pop colour the palette adds to the look. It's also an extra added perk to know that these products are treating your skin whilst your using then, all with their own little benefits.

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Pixi Beauty UK Products used:
Mesmerising mineral palette in copper peach
Endless silky eye pen in cobalt blue
Lengthy fibre mascara
Mattelustre lipstick in peach blossom
Glowtion day dew
Quick fix bronzer

Danielle Kimberley


  1. I love how neutral this look is for Summer - looking gorgeous babe xx

  2. this looks so so pretty and these products look great xx

  3. Great post, you're so beautiful too!

  4. I've actually never heard of Pixi before but after the glowing review will be sure to keep them in mind! The bronzer definitely has me goo goo eyed.



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