I don't think theres a week that goes by that something fun or exciting doesn't pop up in my inbox, sounds amazing right?! Well, if I lived in London it would be perfect, I could network, socialise & attend events each and every week if I wanted to, but I live in the Midlands & a trip to London would mean 5 hours out of my day travelling & for an event lasting an hour or two is it worth it? Id like to say yes but realistically its not & those 8am blogger breakfasts.. I can forget about that.

Now saying that, I know you don't need to be in London but it certainly does help, the beautiful back drops which we see in all the London bloggers imagery, 9/10 of events held coming to my inbox are based somewhere in London & probably the biggest one - meetings!! Meetings are your connections, they are the brand collaborations on your blog and social media, it helps to build a relationship with the brand rather than back and forth emails, its always nice to put a face to a name & get to know someone isn't it?! I will say though, as much as those few things can help, they aren't a must, work hard & sure enough in time hard work gets noticed whatever your location may be.

So why do I feel like I'm missing out? Ive had my blog now for 3 years & over that time had to sadly decline so many opportunities & events, either due to the travel or work & its one of those things that has me wondering, if I'd been able to attend, meet different brands and pr's would that have changed where I am now with my blogging, would I have built solid relationships? I guess its something I'll never know, the only thing I can do now is to make sure I don't lose focus again & keep creating content.

I know living in a different city doesn't solve everything & blogging can be done anywhere, style and the ability to write isn't defined by where we live, its just a shame that I live so far away from where everything is going on.

I actually read a really interesting post speaking about living in London as a blogger by Lily Melrose as she actually moved away after a few years of being there (you can read it here), its basically from the opposite perspective. 

Do live inside or outside of London? Whats your opinion based on where you live as a blogger?

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Danielle Kimberley


  1. Oh no, it is rubbish you feel left out hun! I am the same with getting London invites and not being able to make it as I am in Cheshire and work full time. But, tbh there are some great events in Manchester too from time to time (when they are not during my work hours) and I don't think I would have the time to attend lots of events with working too anyway so is a catch 22! xx

  2. I love blogging and personally I feel where you are coming from! But then at the end of the day I come to the conclusion that I'm where I am for a reason and nothing will stop me from blogging. Your blog content is amazing and I'm sure there's many wonderful opportunities waiting out there for you :)


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