If theres one thing I've struggled with being petite, its finding trousers that fit, the first thought that enters my head when I'm browsing through websites is 'will they even fit me?' The answer is probably not, the amount of jeans I've given a raw edge to, trousers that have been sent back or taken up by my mum I've lost count of, it should be a simple process, but not every retailer has a good range of petite items & some dont have a petite range at all.

Over the last couple of years I've relied heavily on Topshop for all my jeans, in an ideal world all styles that come in regular length would also be found in petite, but sadly thats not the case. Recently though I have found that they have improved the selection & have included a lot more fashionable in trend pieces rather than the typical joni, jamie & leigh.

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Standing at 5ft 3, which is actually the tallest of the petite (they say to shop petite at 5ft 3 and under) you wouldn't think id actually have such a big problem with leg lengths but I wasn't blessed at all with long legs, I'm long in the body with short legs. Theres only one thing I've always been envious of on my brother & thats his height, he's 6ft 3, now I wouldn't quite like that much height, but a few more inches would have been nice.

Saying all this, I can, however, fit into two styles of jeans (just about) from Topshop in a 30 leg & thats the Mom jeans and Straight jeans, of course if I can get them in petite I wouldn't bat an eye lid at the 30 leg but I just know that I have that option.

When I found these stepped hem straight leg jeans with the frayed hem in the petite section I literally couldn't get them into my basket fast enough, they were exactly what id been looking for, an on trend jean that was actually going to fit me **hoorahh**.

Do you have the same problem? Where do you usually buy your petite jeans from? I'd love to know!

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Danielle Kimberley


  1. Everything about this look is perfection! I always struggle to find jeans my thighs feel comfortable in but ASOS are always my go to as Topshop jeans always make me feel fat as I need to size up as they are so small, which puts me off buying them lol xx

  2. A very beautiful outfit. Love the detail of the ruffle sleeves popping out of the leo jacket ! <3


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