The first thing that springs to mind when dressing a pleated midi skirt is that its a feminine and girly piece, for me in the evening thats perfect, but what if it's not really your thing for day wear?! In the day I prefer to toughen up the look a little bit & make it not so dressy. A band tee and leathers are my go to, to keep it casual but not straying too far from dressy that is doesn't work.

This little gem was actually hiding at the back of an arm, it was only that it was dressed on a mannequin that I knew they had got it somewhere (so much for see it, buy it), id seen a girl that afternoon wearing it whilst I was working so I hunted through the shops for it after my shift. The different colours and fabrics breaks up the skirt making it perfect for us petite girls, as I've found some midi skirts can really emphasise my shorter legs.

Missguided thrasher tee // River Island pleated skirt // Topshop sock boots // Missguided cropped biker jacket (similar here & here ) // Missguided chain bag (similar here & here )

Bands tees seem to be a really popular item this year, with more high street and online stores stocking them than ever they are creeping into more and more peoples wardrobes, gone are the days that band tees were worn if you were a fan of the band or purchased as concert memorabilia, most people probably couldn't even name one song that they've sung, but for whatever reason you own one, theres no denying they look fab with a pleated midi! 

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Danielle Kimberley


  1. This is a stunning look, great way to style the pleated midi skirt :)

  2. Aw Danielle you look amazing! I remember when you were first writing your blog and I helped you with the layout. Look at you now! Your blogs incredible. Hope you're well x


  3. You've really made this outfit your own - I love the whole grudge look! x

    Albana Janjeva | Stylist | Pick of the Month: Off-White


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